Kao “RecyCreation”

major chemical manufacturer

copy writing, art direction, design, film direction
[concept film for the company’s CSR]

For “RecyCreation”, the CSR activity by Kao Corporation which attempts to contribute to the social sustainability as well as to deliver the joyful and abundant living culture to the world, Yusuke took a part of direction for the concept movie. He created it with his original music and animation to make this project, which collaborates with several local communities for the recycle of packing materials, be accessible and approachable for as many people as possible.




Director: Yusuke Kobayashi

Creative director: Toshihiko Minobe [Kao Corporation]
Planner: Yukiko Goto [BIS Inc.]
Animator: Kenji Kawasaki [Eallin Motion Art Japan]
Animator: Masaki Aburakawa [Eallin Motion Art Japan]
Animator: Marie Kubo [Eallin Motion Art Japan]
nimator: Takuma Hashitani
Record producer: Naoki Yamamoto [P-CAMP inc.]
Composer: Kei Iwasaki
Sound engineer: Namifusa Wataru [MIXER’S LAB CO.,LTD.]
Producer: Michio Kokubu [BIS Inc.]
Producer: Isamu Nakashima [Concept Lab]
Production assistant: Kaede Kagaya [BIS Inc.]

Production: BIS Inc.


Kao Corporation