NTT & TORAY “hitoe”

ICT company / major chemical company

identity planning / art direction / design / film direction
[brand development]


An innovative new censoring fabric “hitoe” developed by NTT and Toray. We produced and directed the product name, the logo, the key visual, the concept movie and the costume design for press presentation.
   The name “hitoe” is a mix of “human”, “intelligence”, “to”, and “expand” and each letters represents human figure and motion; “h” as sitting, “i” as standing, “t” as jumping, “o” as holding hands, and “e” as a baby in a womb. “hitoe” was created to connect people and to bring new life. The Japanese word “hitoe” which means a piece of cloth, gives an impression of infinite possibilities.




Director: Yusuke Kobayashi
Art director: Yusuke Kobayashi
Designer: Yusuke Kobayashi

Creative director: Seiichi Hishikawa [Drawing and Manual Inc.]
Designer: Tomoya Kamiko [Drawing and Manual Inc.]
Cinematographer: Yutaka Obara [Drawing and Manual Inc.]
CGI: Kyotaro Hayashi [Drawing and Manual Inc.]
Offline editor: Kiyoshi Ikemune [Drawing and Manual Inc.]
Offline editor: Yutaka Obara [Drawing and Manual Inc.]
Translator: Mizue Kawamura [Drawing and Manual Inc.]

Dancer: Andrei O
Dancer: Nonoko Nakajima
Costume designer: Koji Hamai
Costume designer: Hiroe Nakajima
Hair & Makeup artist: Shotaro Honda
Hair & Makeup artist: AZUUMI
Casting director: Yasushi Kodera [e-spirit]
Lighting designer: Tatsuniwa Doi
Photographer: Yuji Zendou [angle management produce]
Composer: Shinya Kiyokawa [Invisible Designs Lab. Company, Ltd.]
Composer: Mitsutoshi Sato
Vocalist: Kapono Boynton, Roberta Stott
Online editor: Hitoshi Kimura [BOOK Inc.]
Online editor: Nobuhisa Tokunaga [BOOK Inc.]
Sound mixer: Masato Hara [BOOK Inc.]

Executive producer: Kazunari Moriuchi [NTT]
Executive producer: Satoshi Yamaguchi [NTT]

“hitoe” Developer: Shingo Tsukada [NTT]

Producer: Keiko Iino [Drawing and Manual Inc.]
Line producer: Noritaka Moriguchi [Drawing and Manual Inc.]
Production assistant: Mei Koizumi
Production: Drawing and Manual Inc.



Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation