BRIDGESTONE “My Way to Serve Our Way to Serve”

major tire manufacturer

identity planning, art direction, website design, film direction & edit
[creation for the company’s CSR]

For the film / website called, “My Way to Serve Our Way to Serve”, the CSR activity by BRIDGESTONE, Yusuke took a part of logo design, art direction of the website, its design, direction and editing for the concept movie. This CSR activity is the project passing the mission, “Serve the society with the finest quality”, which is raised by the company with focusing on each employee. This short documentary film was directed as if it exposes the company’s hope, “Making contributions to people being smoothly traveling, living, working and enjoying,” in the employees’ words, from various perspectives.

株式会社ブリヂストンのCSR活動「My Way to Serve Our Way to Serve」のロゴデザイン、ウェブサイトのアートディレクション、デザイン、映像ディレクション、エディットまでを担当。このCSR活動は社員一人ひとりにフォーカスしながら企業の掲げる「最高の品質で社会に貢献する」という使命を伝えていくプロジェクトです。今回制作したショートフィルムドキュメンタリーは、それぞれの社員が語る言葉の先に「人々がより快適に移動し、生活し、働き、そして楽しむことに貢献していきたい」という企業としての想いを多角的な視点から紐解くことを想定し演出しました。



Art director: Yusuke Kobayashi

Creative director: Yutaka Yoshida [DENTSU INC.]
Account producer: Kazuyuki Naito [DENTSU INC.]
Creative producer: Susan Lawlor [DENTSU INC.]
Creative producer: Kyoko Aizawa [DENTSU CREATIVE FORCE INC.]

Cinematographer: Keiichi Tomita
Camera assistant: Ippei Watanabe
Record producer: Naoki Yamamoto [P-CAMP inc.]
Composer: Kei Iwasaki
Sound recording: Hiroshi Noro [Ryo on sya]
Editor: Yusuke Kobayashi

Design: Yusuke Kobayashi
Frontend engineer: Tamotsu Sasaki [FWD-INC.]
Producer: Yutaka Kondo [NON-GRID INC.]
Producer: Michio Kokubu [BIS Inc.]
Producer: Tatsuru Oshiro [BIS Inc.]
Production assistant: Guo Junyi [BIS Inc.]

Production: BIS Inc.


Bridgestone Corporation